Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hello, everyone!

This blog is a way overdue and I thank those longtime readers and other patient folks for their dedication, patience and encouragment.

I may not be as ready as I like but it is time to take my ever-growing e-mail distribution list and go wider with a blog to which I can refer people and has an interactive medium happening.

To briefly summarize before detailed histories are written, I have been watching a mated pair of Great Horned Owls in Forest Park for over three years. I have dubbed this pair Charles and Sarah (stories behind their names to follow). My time with these owls provides me with an new interpretation of ESL. Instead of English as a Second Language, ESL means to me: Experience, Skill, Luck. With a healthy helping of ESL I have seen these owls: perch, stretch, groom, hoot, duet, mate, fly, stretch, hunt, incubate eggs, raise youngsters, and more. I hope to flesh out this information and describe in great detail the amazing doings of Charles and Sarah!