Monday, May 24, 2010

Another blog post by Deepa Mohan and Edward Crim's photo exhibit is extended!

Monday, May, 24, 2010

I ran into my friend, Deepa Mohan, in the park last Saturday, May 15. I had already spotted Sarah in the mostly bare tree on the east side of The North-South Path.

I had just found one of the owlets and then I heard a voice call my name. It took me a moment to recognize the voice's owner but it was Deepa. I let her continue the story with this post from her blog. Thanks, Deepa!

My friend Edward Crim's photo exhibit at Norton's Fine Art and Framing in Maplewood, Missouri of his Forest Park 365 project has been extended through June 12. All the details can be found here. I highly recommend this exhibit to one and all! Wendy and I attended the exhibit's opening on April 30. We had a blast meeting old friends, new friends and being surrounded by Edward's superb photography. Edward was far too kind as he paused in mid-conversation to introduce me by proclaiming that The Owl Man was in the building. A nice photo montage of the exhibit opening can be found here; see if you can find Wendy and me!

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