Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Fifth Owl-iversary

December 29, 2010

Tonight is a superbly significant milestone in my time with and study of Charles and Sarah. It is now five years that I have watched and documented these awe-inspiring animals. I am simultaneously amazed and humbled that this milestone is achieved. I am amazed that I have spent so much time, seen and learned so much and been able to share the owls with so many people. I am humbled that there is still so much to learn about not only this species but also these individuals and that there are so many people I want to connect with these owls.

These last five years have been five of the best years of my life thanks to these owls and my work with them. My appreciation and understanding of nature has grown significantly. Many new friendships blossomed and many old friendships blossomed anew. I know a hell of a lot more about how to dress and prepare for extensive periods of time outdoors in all kinds of weather. I have nowhere near the skills and know-how to call myself a photographer but I can take better pictures and video than I used to. I used to be more of a summer person but I now have become more of a winter person as the owls are so active in winter. I have more answers to questions I did not have prior to watching and studying these owls. I also have no shortage of questions to be answered after watching these owls for so long.

This year has had no shortage of highlights but time is short so allow me to share some data about this past year.

From December 29, 2009 until December 29, 2010, I have:

* Made 271 observation trips to the park to watch these owls
* This means that I got to the park rate 74% of the time over the course of the year
* Which yielded an average per week rate of a little over 5 times per week.
* Of the 271 observation trips I made, on 267 of them I saw the owls, which makes my success rate 98.5%

  • I went to the park the most in January 2010, 27 times
    * I went to the park the least in November 2010, 16 times (not too shabby considering that I was out of town for 11 nights of this 30 day month!)
    * The most nights I went in a row was in February 2010-14 nights in a row
Huge thank yous to anyone and everyone who has been to see the owls, read about the owls and/or had their ears bent by yours truly going on and on about the owls! The biggest thanks, as always, go to my girlfriend Wendy. Her support and encouragement on so many levels has been there from day one. Thank you, Wendy and thank you, everyone!

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  1. Wow, Mark....that's dedication :)I'm glad I had someone like you to introduce me to the Forest Park Owls....I'm going to call you Mark Gleshowl from now on! :)

    Hoping to be in St.Louis from perhaps April onwards.

    Convey my regards to Wendy...and to C and S!