Thursday, April 2, 2009

One owlet out of the nest

While the owlets were busy on Tuesday, 3/31, I never expected them to be so far along in their development as to leave the nest. As soon as I arrived at the nest tree last night, I immediately saw one of them way out of the nest! It was still in the nest tree but VERY high up and VERY far away from the nest itself. Of the two owlets, Art and Mo(more on their names later, I promise), I think this owlet is Art. I am amazed at how high up Art was in the tree. I am a tad bummed that I did not see how Art got out of the nest and all the way up to this perch. True to form, Mo was quite shy and reticent last night but eventually I saw him and quite clearly too. He is still in the nest. Sarah and Charles were both in The Four Trees and at one point Sarah flew into the hollow, perhaps to check on Mo. I hope all goes well and perhaps we will be able to see Mo leave the nest and both of the owlets fledge. Thanks for reading

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