Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A brief encounter on a bright day!

Saturday,April 11, 2009

I was not able to get to the park on April 9 and 10 due to weather obstructions and work/social obligations. In addition, an early dinner engagement with friends limited my time on this particular Saturday to a well before sunset visit but I would make the most of my time in the park.

It was another gorgeous day with abundant and welcome sunlight. In the interest of time, I stopped by The Wooded Area first to look for Charles, Sarah and Mo. True to form, Charles was in his favorite conifer enjoying a good sleep.
Looking quickly but carefully, I did not find Art and Sarah in The Wooded Area. I had a thought/hope that perhaps they were with Mo so I headed in that direction. I found Mo in the same tree that he was in on April 8, even on the same branch just further out on it. Mo looked especially fluffy today.

After seeing Mo, I ran into my friend and fellow owl enthusiast/park enthusiast Chris Gerli of City Cycling Tours. We had a nice chat and I told him all the latest about Mo and the rest of the owl family.

My time was running out so I headed home as I did I went by the western portion of The Wooded Area, which I had not been to yet this day. Just inside of this section of woods, was Art bathed in the bright afternoon sun. This was the first time I had seen him since he fledged in a different part of The Wooded Area and not in the area around The Trio Conifers and The Quintet Conifers.
I hurried home and upon arriving cleaned up and changed. Wendy and I enjoyed a good meal and good conversation with our friends at a neighborhood restaurant, La Gra Italian Tapas. Naturally, the owls were discussed.

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