Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Kind Blog Post From Another Blog

February 24, 2011

Many, many cool and fascinating developments with the owls of late, all of which I'm overdue posting about-what else is new? I've never been busier with owl prowls, every Sunday for the last 6-8 weeks and a few on Fridays and Saturdays as well.

I continue to get an influx of e-mail from folks interested in the owls and going on an owl prowl. My friends Chris Gerli, Barb Brownell continue to do great work observing their pair of Great Horned Owls, John and Jacqueline. A new friend of mine, Brenda Hente, is also doing excellent work in her observations of her pair of Great Horned Owls, Will and Kate. I have also heard from people doing their own Great Horned Owl observations in Minnesota, Virginia and Colorado. As I often say, owls are addictive.

More informal owl ambassadorship continues as well. One such recent encounter yielded a very kind blog post. I met the blog's author, Mark Axe, in 2009 via Edward Crim, the great photographer behind Forest Park 365. Among, Edward's many talents is his ability to connect people who share a passion for Forest Park. Mark Axe is an avid cyclist, photographer and a much better blogger than me! I was out for quick visit to the owls this past Saturday when I ran into Mark for the first time in many months. He was keen to hear about the owls recent activities. He wrote a kind and thoughtful blog post about our encounter, which you can read here. Many thanks for the great blog post, Mark and kudos on your great photo of Charles!