Saturday, March 5, 2011


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great news-after much patient (and impatient) watching and waiting I saw an owlet in Sarah's nest this morning!!

I found Sarah looking into the nest hollow and I thought and hoped that she was attending to the owlets and that I might get a glimpse. My wish was fulfilled. Sarah flew out of the hollow into The Wooded Area and I took a look and saw one owlet!! It's hard to see the little guy but it's there!

I changed my angle and got a different look at him.

Judging by it's size, it looks to be between three and five weeks old. I wonder if it's one owlet, two, three or what. I have been fairly confident that hatching had occurred for a while now. On February 16 I saw Sarah catch a bat in mid-air (amazing) and return to the nest with it in her bill. This told me that she had more to feed than just herself. Just this Thursday, March 3 I saw Sarah return to the nest with a small prey item in her talons. But I still had not a glimpse of any owlets. The nest hollow is the highest one I have ever seen them use and the branch is so steep that one's field of view is incredibly limited. Hell, I can barely see 23-25 inch tall Sarah in the hollow until she is close to the hollow's opening!

I'm terribly excited to see an owlet! Bravo, Charles and Sarah!! That's six years in a row that they have had youngsters. Thanks for reading!


  1. Super, Mark! So happy that you saw the little one!
    Charles and Sarah have certainly done their part in helping along the owl population, haven't they? Maybe you'll see more soon!
    Thanks for sending this!

  2. The stork has visited the owls! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news.